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Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Ophelia has arrived. Hold on to your antennas!

As I hit the sack I had a last look out at my antennas as they dance about in ex hurricane Ophelia's footprint.

So far so good, I'll try to sleep but it's a bit on the noisy side so tomorrow morning could be slightly more grumpy than usual. On that note I'll say 73 and fingers crossed that the antennas don't suffer to badly.
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Sunday, October 08, 2017
Weekend DX & Local Comicon

It's been a good weekend regarding band conditions as I have been busy working world wide on the 17 and 15 metre band.
There has been some nice signals coming through which have provided lots of quality qso's as I played ham radio.

My two daughters are growing up quickly and are always eager to get involved in anything that dad does, so I decided to treat them to a day out with some super heroes and other cool characters.
We payed a visit to our local football club Bradford city where the Comicon was on.
A fun time had by all. Best 73 happy DX

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